Modern Isotopes Factory specialized in producing and processing radioisotopes and providing associated services to the industrial and medical market in the KSA and Gulf Area.

The range of products include sealed Isotopes for industrial applications such as Iridium 192, Cobalt 60, Selenium 75 . MIL will also produce Tc-99 Generators

The company intends to become a one-stop shop for all radioisotopes related services, serving the kingdom and neighboring countries, ultimately providing end-users with easy and fast access to their needs.

Modern Isotopes Factory is building its facilities in Dammam industrial city.

Applications of Isotopes

  • Industrial:
    • Testing methods
    • Monitoring devices
    • Sterilization
  • Medical:
    • Diagnostic clinics (PET/SPECT Scans)
    • Treatment of cancer and acute diseases (Radiopharmaceuticals)


Hot cell for radioisotope production